Thousands of hospital workers across Greater Boston joined 1199 in 2009. Find out more about this city on the move!

A Victory for Hospital Workers! Click here to read about the contract that is making a difference in the lives of patients, healthcare workers and their families.


Hospital workers support public radio in order to educate our community about Free & Fair union elections.
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Free & Fair hits the airwaves!
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Hear “Voice of the Red Sox” Joe Castiglione promote fair elections.

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Free and Fair Elections: Quality Care and Quality Jobs

Studies show that a vast majority of Americans would, given the chance, join a union. So why, then, aren’t more workers unionizing? The answer is that when working people attempt to form unions, management almost always reacts with campaigns of intimidation, misinformation and fear.

Having a free and fair union election means that employees are free to decide whether they want to unionize in a fair secret ballot vote. Management, rather than interfering, respects this decision.